Who we are: just VIS

We are a company that produces sportswear for those who “want to feel unique” without having to wait, because you can do it now!

We design and manufacture sports and leisure clothing. We work with passion and determination, we try to never give up in the face of sporting difficulties or everyday life.

The headquarters are located in Italy in a small town called Trofarello (Turin).

The head office has a size of approximately 1300 square meters. On the upper floors there are the administrative offices, the VIS STRORE 01, the research and development office and a small gym for employees and customers who want to try our products. The reception, the design offices, the accounting office, the shipping office and the meeting room are located on the central floor. The production area, warehouses, tailoring and canteen services are located on the ground floor. Outside, all employees can take advantage of a large green area for their leisure and their breaks.

If you are a fighter too, like us “Don’t complain, run!”